Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cruising From San Diego

Day One of the Cruise on the Carnival Elation.

Walking through the retail section of La Bufadora, a tourist attration in Ciudad Ensenada, Baja California, MX.

Teresa and Gerald's 25th Anniversary Cruise

April, 2008, and we take a 5-day cruise from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas and back, with a stop in Ensenada.

Teresa on our cabin's balcony.
Gerald on the balcony.

Sunset over the Pacific.

The next few pictures are of our stateroom, on the Veranda Deck. Balcony, refrigerator, couch. The only way to cruise.

Some of the ship's amenities.

Docked in Ensenada, we took an excursion to La Bufadora, "The Blowhole."

Leaving Ensenada for a day at sea headed to Cabo San Lucas.

As close as Teresa will get to the golf course, but she was Tigress Brown out there.

The cruise ships dock the harbor in Cabo, and travelers catch a boat to the mainland.

The crystal clear waters of Cabo San Lucas are very impressive. We'll have to return and stay at a resort on the beach.

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