Thursday, January 15, 2009

Working on those rehab blues

This is the inside of my right knee. Torn medial meniscus was excised.

Now is time for Rehab, and this is my home gym.

Rehabbing will give me the chance to reconnect with some of these old LPs.

Stanley Jordan on guitar...

Dig the liner notes...

What you know about Seawind?


MIB said...

Hey, BroBrown... I finally discovered your spot. Nice home gym!

I have a similar history with my left knee going back to college. After I had decided to stop playing football, I blow out my knee playing a pick-up game of hoops. With the second 'scope (8-9 years later), the surgeon gave the opportunity to repair it as if I were going to continue athletics at a high level, or just be an occasional weekend warrior.

I chose option #2, and after rehab, continued to play ball here and there. Life, age, and the career whittled away at men's league ball to the point at 46, I look at kids playing on the playground and get misty-eyed. I used to have ups like that.

I'm looking a 3rd operation in the near future, because simply walking around a track 3 days a week and isometrics ain't getting it, if you know what I mean.

Blogroll me, would you please.

brotherbrown said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm already feeling better, and this rehab is a lot easier than the last one. I still need to get a bike, but I haven't had any pain.

Aaron X said...

East St. Louis (9-27,30-08)

brotherbrown said...

I was last in ESL in 1983. Carl Officer was the mayor then. I wonder if ESL is up for a comeback?

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