Monday, March 02, 2009

Twenty five albums that shaped me, female division

Labelle Chameleon
This album hit Christmas of '76. I was riding high, because our basketball team was playing in the first annual Palisades Malibu Basketball Tournament out at beautiful Pepperdine University. One of my teammates had some out of town friends, and we had a grand old time. Come into my Life moved romance.

Emotions Rejoice The Emotions had released a single or two in the early 70s under a label called Volt. They were sort of "rediscovered" by Earth Wind and Fire when they sang background in EWF's Boogie Wonderland. The next year, they released Rejoice, with the BIG HIT, Don't Ask My Neighbor. My favorite song from this album is Key to My Heart. What can I say, I'ma sucka for women singing me love songs. The Emotions toured with and opened for EWF during the Gratitude Tour, and they played several nights in LA at the Fabulous Forum during December 1976. I was wearing a brown, pin-striped, three-piece suit with brown faux suede and pleather platform shoes. My 'fro was long, red and tilted to the left.

Minnie Ripperton Perfect Angel Minnie sang ballads meant to seduce men, yet she was as sweet and innocent as she could be. This album's best known single was "Loving You" which was responsible for ushering in the conception of a generation of young americans, I'm sure. And the title song is great, too.

Roberta Flack Blue Lights in the Basement I always was fond of Roberta from the time I learned she matriculated at Howard U. at the same as my mother. This was another LP full of love songs sung to me. I mean, look at at the album cover and dig the name. You know what's up with the blue light in the basement. Love is the healing is the absolute jam of this album.

Angela Bofill Angel of the Night During my sophomore year, Angie Bofill visited the campus of Florida A&M for those once in a lifetime, short notice concerts. Lee Hall was packed even in the balcony. Angie jammed for hours. She didn't have a sax player with her that night, so on the sax solo in I try, she did an improvisation none of us had ever heard before or since.

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Constructive Feedback said...

While we don't agree on much politically - I am in alignment with you on your male and female list of recording artists. I can't say that I am a Stevie Wonder fan though.

Give me some "Earth, Wind and Fire" any day.

I also have the same charcoal grill as you do but the wooden shelf has rotted away on mine. I was going to purchase a new one but the ones they are selling now have thin metal unless you put a few hundred more dollars up.

I decided to repair my old one.


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